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The Greenpeace Roadshow Archives: Susanne Breitkopf

About the Webinar
Susanne Breitkopf, Greenpeace Senior Political Advisor, is an expert on the World Bank and international finance.  She recently spent two years living in Cameroon where she worked with local NGOs to defend the Congo Rainforest against logging and oil companies.

Herkles Farms
Interested learning more about Herakles Farms and how they’re impacting the forest? Greenpeace’s Landgrabbing in Cameroon tells the story of how an American company, Herakles Farms, is planning to illegally chop down an area of rainforest in Cameroon to make palm oil.

About Susanne Breitkopf
Before joining Greenpeace in 2007, Susanne worked for 15 years on forests, natural resource extraction and international finance institutions with different NGO networks in Europe and Africa. Her experience includes living and working in Cameroon as a policy advisor to the Center for Environment and Development in Yaoundé, and working with the Good Governance Program of the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) in Pretoria, South Africa.

Susanne also holds a Masters Degree in Political Science/International Development from Sorbonne University in Paris and speaks French, German, English and Spanish.

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