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The Greenpeace Roadshow Archives: Meet Nicky Davies

Roadshow Webinar: Meet Nicky Davies – Part 1

Roadshow Webinar: Meet Nicky Davies – Part 2

Roadshow webinar videos are recorded live during the event, as such there is sometimes a delay between the start of the recording and the start of the discussion. Discussion content for part one begins at the 12:44 mark.

Meet Nicky Davies, Campaigns Director, Greenpeace in the U.S.
My goal is to ensure that progressive forces sound a powerful voice for social and environmental justice in global society, speaking up for the disempowered in this generation, for future generations and the environment that sustains us.” –  Nicky Davies

About the Webinar
In her role as Campaigns Director at Greenpeace in the U.S., Nicky Davies is responsible for the design of campaign strategies, policy positions and managing the often complex relationships Greenpeace shares with U.S. corporations and government officials. She also works in close collaboration with Greenpeace campaigners around the world to defend our ancient forests, protect our oceans, combat climate change and protect communities from the threats posed by nuclear power and toxic manufacturing practices.

This Roadshow Webinar is your opportunity to hear from and engage in conversation with one of the country’s most influential environmental leaders.

This webinar will be broadcast live from Greenpeace headquarters in Washington, DC.

UPDATE: February 12, 2013 – 3:18pm EST
During the webinar, Nicky mentioned Greenpeace’s new popular new coal exports video.  If you’ve not had the chance to see it already, here it is:

About Nicky Davies
With degrees in Geology and Law, Nicky Davies has worked with environmental campaigning organizations in Australia and overseas for nearly 15 years. During her more than 8 years with Greenpeace, she’s been Greenpeace South East Asia Forests Campaigner, International Peace and Disarmament Campaign Coordinator and held various positions in the Climate & Energy campaign, including Deputy Unit Head and Energy Team Leader.  Before transitioning into her position as Campaigns Director for Greenpeace in the U.S., she led the GPI Corporate Team during the Clean Our Cloud campaign. Nicky has a particular interest in the nexus between environment and development issues and served, before relocating to D.C., as a board member of Action Aid Australia.

About the Greenpeace Roadshow
This webinar is part of The Greenpeace Roadshow, an ongoing series of casual conversations, interactive discussions, and events taking place online and in the neighborhood. Online webinars are normally held on the second Tuesday of every month.