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The Greenpeace Roadshow Archives: Talk to Karen Topakian

About this Roadshow Webinar
From accepting the organization’s audit report on behalf of the board of directors to spending 56 hours locked in a box attached to a railroad track to stop a DuPont shipment of CFCs, the roles Karen Topakian has played in moving the world to a green and peaceful future have been many and varied.

In this online discussion from Greenpeace’s San Francisco office, Karen shared information about Greenpeace’s diverse Board of Directors, some personal stories and her thoughts about the future of the organization.

About Karen Topakian, Chair of Greenpeace in the U.S.
In 2012, after 16 years on the Greenpeace Fund Board, Karen Topakian was been appointed Board Chair of Greenpeace, Inc. Karen started her career at Greenpeace in San Francisco in 1987, when she joined the newly created Nuclear Free Seas campaign. This international campaign worked to rid the world of naval nuclear weapons and to end below ground nuclear weapons testing.

Karen’s entire professional life embraces activism and advocacy. Prior to working at Greenpeace, Karen worked as a community organizer at P.A.C.E. in Providence, Rhode Island, managed a food coop in Wakefield, Rhode Island and directed the University of Rhode Island’ s Women’ s Center. After working at Greenpeace, she served for 16 years as the executive director of the Agape Foundation – Fund for Nonviolent Social Change.

Currently, she is the founder of Topakian Communications, a freelance writing and communications consulting business.

Meet Karen Topkian is part of The Greenpeace Roadshow, an ongoing series of casual conversations, interactive discussions, and events taking place online and in the neighborhood.  Online webinars will be held on the second Tuesday of every month.