Consider the cost if we don't act now

Ways to Give: Partners in Action


The Greenpeace Partners in Action program includes some of the planet’s most dedicated supporters. Through tax-deductible annual gifts of $500 or more, Partners in Action provide Greenpeace with the funding necessary to protect our oceans, defend our forests, and stop catastrophic climate change.

Greenpeace’s science and research based approach, along with our unmatched record of success, puts us in a unique position to ensure the safety of our planet for future generations. But we cannot do it without your support.

We invite you to join our community of environmental leaders today, by becoming a Greenpeace Partner in Action.

As a Partner in Action, you:

* Have access to interactive monthly web conferences with Greenpeace leaders
* Get special invitations to Greenpeace ship tours, movie screenings and other events
* Receive the Greenpeace member magazine and interactive e-magazine
* Are listed in and receive the Greenpeace Annual Report
* Receive the Greenpeace deluxe wall calendar
* And more

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