Consider the cost if we don't act now

Making a Difference

When you support Greenpeace Fund, you’re helping to foster change in every corner of the globe. From the depths of the oceans to the very top of the world, Greenpeace activists, friends and allies are challenging assumptions and making a difference. Over our more than 40 year history of campaigning, Greenpeace helped move the International Whaling Commission to enact a ban on commercial whaling, urged a moratorium that is protecting Antarctica from invasive mineral exploration and has helped shut down dirty coal-fired power plants in Chicago, Alexandria, VA and Salem Harbor in Massachusetts.

Greenpeace plays a leading role in the international environmental movement, combining a passion for transformational change with scientific expertise and decades of experience. Because Greenpeace does not accept donations from governments and corporations, its thanks to the support of individuals that this work is able to go forward with the fearless independence required to tackle the challenges we face today.

Here are some of the ways your Greenpeace gift can make a difference:

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