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Campaign Timelines

Greenpeace is known for its bold and colorful campaigns to end unsustainable forestry and fishing practices, to stop the worst impacts of climate change, eliminate the threats posed by toxic chemicals, continued energy reliance on coal and nuclear power and the sometimes harmful influence of corporations in Washington, DC.

Our Campaign Timelines offer a quick tour — using videos, Tweets and images — through some of our campaigns. This section will grow over time, as we add more timelines of campaigns past and current.

If there’s a campaign you’d like to see us capture, please let us know.

hunterTaking Action: Historic Greenpeace Victories








APP TimelineSaving Paradise: The Indonesian Rainforest




FukushimaFukushima: The Tragic and Continuing Story




Hurricane Sandy: Global Warming is Here.





The BP Deepwater Disaster.




Greenpeace is working to Save the Arctic. Let’s Go.




Ask any mermaid about tuna’s dirty little secrets.





Greenpeace’s new Rainbow Warrior sets sail to save the Amazon.




Greenpeace works to help the people of North Carolina Quit Coal.




iCoal: Greenpeace asks Apple, Amazon and Microsoft to clean our cloud.




Carting Away the Oceans: Greenpeace’s annual report takes a look inside your grocer’s seafood case.





KFC is Junking the Jungle: Greenpeace campaigns against KFC packaging that has ties to the destruction of Indonesia’s rainforests.