Consider the cost if we don't act now

Meet Team Greenpeace


Bonnie BarclayVirginia
Bonnie was born, raised and schooled in Massachusetts. Bonnie’s love of the environment started at an early age when she began self-organized community collections of roadside recycling and the first recycling program at her high school. After double-majoring in Environment Science Policy and Wildlife & Wetland Conservation at UMass Amherst, she went on to work for environmental non-profits in Western Massachusetts, Chicago and California. Now back in DC, she is working for Greenpeace in the USA as their Internal Communications & Governance Coordinator. Bonnie currently resides in Alexandria, VA and as an avid runner is excited to be running for Team Greenpeace.


Isaac Bloom – Ohio
Isaac is from Cleveland, Ohio and has been an activist and organizer his whole life, working to raise money for the environment, gay rights, democracy issues, and many others, as well as doing work on elections. He’s now working with the Greenpeace canvass on all of their campaign work. He loves his wife and family, dog, books, movies, cooking, biking, and running, in approximately that order. This will be his third marathon.


James Cummings – New York
James is a lifelong runner who has completed a number of marathons. And despite living (and training) in New York, he prefers to race in California. He’s a Senior Vice President at Time Warner and, when not working, also enjoys traveling with his husband (and fellow Stanford alum) Justin. Aside from the Big Sur marathon, and his involvement with and support of Team Greenpeace, James is looking forward to the Angkor Wat International Half Marathon in 2013.


Kimberlee DinnMaryland
Kimberlee is an avid runner and eco-warrior, having completed her 8th marathon this past fall. When not running, she volunteers as a coach for first time marathoners with the Montgomery County Road Runners Club, and works to secure foundation support for Greenpeace campaigns around the planet. Kimberlee spends her free time with her husband and son, and two rescue pit bulls.


Richard DukeNew York
Richard does not perspire. His empathy knows no bounds. He has 360,00 frequent flyer miles. Born an orphan, he taught himself how to read by the age of two while studying beta versions of old search algorithms. He can tip a Boston Whaler on tranquil waters. Sometimes, he sleeps on a tight rope, on the off chance that its good for your back. On a normal day he is in New York City, working as a city coordinator at Greenpeace’s local Frontline office. He is thrilled to be a part of the team!


Emily Pistell – Washington, DC
Emily is the Development Assistant in the Washington, D.C. office of Greenpeace USA and is looking forward to traveling to Big Sur with Team Greenpeace. Originally from New Jersey, Emily is brought to the movement by an interest in climate change adaptation and response, an issue now even closer to her heart with the crisis of Hurricane Sandy. This will be her first marathon, but she’s hoping that years of ultimate frisbee and her experience of the Greenpeace soccer team will carry her to the finish.


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